Silvia Lezcano was born in 1975 in Chaco, Argentina. She started her studies of classic dance at the age of 5 and immediately falling in love with this form of art, she knew she wanted to become a ballerina. At the age of 9, she performed in her first leading role and this additionally built her trust in destiny. When she was 18 years old, she left her hometown to study at the IUNA –Instituto Universitario Nacional Arte – in Buenos Aires, she also studied with several dance and physical theatre teachers.

Launching her career as a contemporary dancer meant she travelled extensively, spending time in Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico, immersing herself in new styles of dance, and it was this search that originally brought her to Spain in 2002. It was then that she decided to base herself in Barcelona and continue her artistic development on the Catalan stage.

Her performances are characterised by the use of a poetic physical language and a philosophy stripped of any convention that underpins her entire approach to choreography. She interweaves the most up-to-date contemporary dance techniques (inspired by both the European and American schools) with more traditional folk styles such as tango and Asian dance, as well as elements of physical theatre. This results in a highly distinctive personal style that imbues all her choreographies with their characteristic sense of purposeful movement.

She has also collaborated with many different Catalan dance companies: Decapapeus, Domus del Karo, and Tango Magnetic, among others. In 2005 she created "LA BESTIAL", her own company.

Dance has taken her to many different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica, Portugal, France and Spain when she has performed in the Grec Theatre, Liceu Theatre, Museo Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Catalan National Theatre, the Barcelona Auditorium, the Mercat de les Flors Theatre, the Theatre of Madrid, Zaragoza’s Main Theatre, the Canovelles Auditorium, the Goya Theatre, the Contemporary Festival (“Actual”), the Universal Forum of Cultures, the San Cugat Auditorium Theatre, Auditori de Les Corts, “La Sala” (the City Theatre of Rubí), the Cornellá Auditorium, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, the Crypt of the Sagrada Familia, the Grec Festival, the Tot Dansa Festival, the Barcelona City Festival of La Mercé, and the International Festivals of Contemporary Dance at Sala el Triángulo.

In conjunction she has a prolific teaching career, giving classes in many different centers cívics and dance schools all across Catalonia.

Silvia dedicates her professional life to her intense activity as ballerina and choreographer but also is strongly committed to teaching.

Information about classes:
T. (+34) 699.691.599




Tango with Vicenç Arranz


Musicality in Tango with Gustavo Battaglia


Contemporary dance with Pepe Hevia, Ballet with Rodolfo Castellano and Charín, Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga Yoga Estudio Yoga, Contemporary - Esther Savater and Francisco Lloberas


Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga Barcelona Studio


Ashtanga Yoga with Fernando Calviño, and Ballet with Carla Berdichevsky


Training Físic and Capoeira with Santiago Terbalca, Grupo Reverso


Training Ballet in School of Dance Gurquel-Lederer, Margarita Bali Studio, Freddy Romero Studio, Alma Falkemberg, Miguel Robles, Mabel Daichi Chang, Brenda Angiel


National School of Dance "Maria Ruanova"


Tango with Florencia Tachetti and Graciela González


Corporal Expression and Dance School "Patricia Stokoe"


Contemporary Dance, "General San Martín" Theatre


Jazz and Modern Dance, School of Dance "Eduardo Salinas" (Chaco, Argentina)


Ballet, School of Dance "Maria Emilia Barba" (Chaco, Argentina)



Acting training "Teatro Viento Oscuro" with Florencia Cóppola


Workshops by Diego Estarosta


Theatre Anthropology, Odin Teatre Dinamarca and Daniel Mises


Dance-Theatre, with Adriana Barenstein


Acting training with Laura Rodríguez



Musical anthropology with Paula Mancinelli


Musical anthropology with Iris Guiñazú and Darío Gularte



Tariqah Studio
Tango teacher.


Pep Ventura School
Contemporary dance teacher.


Ateneo Sant Just Desvern
Tango teacher.


El Surtidor Cultural Center
Tango teacher.


Rubí City Council, Can Serrafosa
Contemporary and oriental dance teacher, mixed techniques.


Estándar Latino Cultural Center
Tango teacher.


Fort Pienc Cultural Center
Tango teacher.


Barbera del Vallés City Council
Bollywood and Contemporary Dance teacher.


Sant Andreu Institute
Contemporary Dance teacher.


“Espai Físic” Dance School
Fusion Dance teacher.


Rubí City Council, Ateneo de Rubí
Contemporary dance, oriental dance and tango teacher.


“Ramón Solé” Dance School (Barcelona)
Oriental dance teacher.


“Magdansa” Dance School (Barcelona)
Oriental dance teacher.


“Amado Concepción Martínez” Dance School (Barcelona)
Contemporary Dance teacher.


“Mamushka” (Barcelona)
Contemporary and oriental dance teacher.


Galician Cultural Center of Barcelona
Tango teacher.


"La Salita" Dance space and bodywork (Buenos Aires)
Dance and academic techniques teacher.


Municipal School of Theater and Dance “El Galpón” (Buenos Aires)
Dance academic techniques and biomechanics teacher.


“Rubén Seijas”, rehabilitation based on kinesiology and yoga (Buenos Aires)
Inversion swing teacher.


"Reverso" Company (Buenos Aires)
Ashtanga yoga trainer.


“Living Teatro” Cultural Center (Castelar, Buenos Aires)
Corporal Expression for actors teacher.


Grec Festival 2012 (Barcelona)
"Tango Night”, dancer

White Night Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, 2012)
“Buenas Noches Piazzolla”, dancer

"Color Dansa" Festival (Auditorium Theater, Sant Cugat, 2012)

Sagrada Familia Cultural Center Dance Program 2012 (Barcelona)
“Dones al Món!” choreographer and dancer

Liceu Theater, season 2012-2011 (Barcelona)
“Opera Show”, dancer

Montmeló Dance Program 2012
“Dones al Món!” choreographer and dancer

Opening of the "Plaza Dones de 36" (2011)
“Dones al Món”, choreographer and dancer

Barcelona Provincial Council Subsidy 2010- 2011
(Barcelona Civic Centers Tour)
“Words, moon and rain”, dancer

Auditorium de Canovelles Theater, season 2010-2009
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

Castelldefels Dance Series 2009
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

BTV Dance Video 2009
“Libertango”, choreographer and dancer

Barcelona Provincial Council Subsidy 2010-2009
(Catalonia Libraries Tour)
“Tales and dances of the World”, dancer

"Cicle de Joves Interprets Catalans" (Barcelona, L’Auditori 2008)
“Tango Magnetic”, choreographer and dancer

“Cartografías de la Danza” (Madrid, Theater of Madrid, 2008)
“Kontratango”, choreographer and dancer

Nou Barris Cultural Center Program (Barcelona, 2008)
“Kontratango”, choreographer and dancer

“Fiesta de Sant Jordi” (Barcelona, 2008)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

Auditori Les Corts Program (Barcelona, 2008)
“Kontratango”, choreographer and dancer

Esplugues de Llobregat Schools Program (Barcelona, 2008)
“Tales and dances of the World”, dancer

VIII Choreographic Meeting of Contemporary Dance (Zaragoza, Teatro Principal, 2008)
“Kontratango”, choreographer and dancer

Fiesta Mayor Nou Barris (Barcelona, 2008)
“Kontratango”, choreographer and dancer

Fiesta Mayor Manlleu 2008
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

Delta del Ebre Public Libraries Program 2008
“Tales and dances of the World”, dancer

Montgat Public Library Program 2008
“Tango Magnetic”, choreographer and dancer

Program subsidized by Barcelona City Council 2007
“Tales and dances of the Desert”, dancer

Program subsidized by Barcelona Provincial Council 2007
“Tales and dances of the Desert”, dancer

Catalan Town Councils Program 2007-2006
“Tales and dances of the World”, dancer

Woman Day Program (Viladecans, 2006)
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

Music Festivals 2007-2006
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

"Tot Dansa" Festival (2006)
“Dansares”, choreographer

Casa Milá, La Pedrera (Barcelona, 2006)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

La Sala Theater (Rubí 2007- 2004):
· Dance Festival “4 Elementos” 2007, choreographer
· Oriental Dance Festival “Las mil y una noches” 2006, choreographer
· Oriental Dance Festival 2005, choreographer
· Oriental Dance festival 2004, choreographer

Aurillac Festival (Francia, 2006)
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

Gender Equality Program (Sitges, 2006)
“Oxigeno”, dancer

C.C.C.B. (Barcelona, 2006)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

Royal Casino Music Program (Portugal, 2006)
“Solo Derbaque”, dancer

“Re-Percusión” Festival (Canet de Mar, 2005-2006)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

Traditional Music International Festival (Agullana, 2005)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

“Concert Series at the Museums” (Extremadura, 2005)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

Mistic Music Festival (Barcelona, 2005)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

"Ateneo Barcelonés" (Barcelona, 2005)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

"Tot Dansa" Festival (2005) - First Award -
“Dansares”, choreographer

San Agustín Cloister (Barcelona 2005)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

Sant Felip Neri Cloister (Barcelona, 2005)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

Plaza Cataluña (Barcelona, 2005)
 “Bestia0”, coreógrafa y bailarina

Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona, 2005)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

Event: Actuem! (Lérida, 2004)
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

Can Felipa Cultural Center Program (Barcelona, 2004)
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

La Mercè 2004 (Barcelona)
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

The Universal Forum of Cultures (Barcelona, 2004)
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

Woman Day Program (Castelldefels 2004)
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

“Fiesta de la Tierra” (Barcelona, 2004)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

La Mercè 2004 (Barcelona)
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

“Espantapitas” Festival (Almería, 2003)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

“Argentina Nuevamente” Festival (Institut Français, Barcelona, 2003)
“Beast0”, choreographer and dancer

World Music International Festival (Motril, 2003)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

“Actual” Festival (music and alternative cinema, Logroño, 2003)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

Zuristán (Madrid, 2002)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

World Congress for Peace (the Crypt of the Sagrada Família, Barcelona, 2002)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

Young Choreographers Festival (San José de Costa Rica, National Theater, 2002)
“Fragata Heroína”, dancer

Contemporary Dance Program (México DF, Palacio de las Artes, 2001)
“Fragata Heroína”, dancer

Margarita Xirgu Theater (Buenos Aires, 2001)
“Le Villy” (neoclassical opera, with Adelaida Negri), dancer

Margarita Xirgu Theater (Buenos Aires, 2001)
“A propósito de Camila” (neoclassical opera), dancer

Contemporary Dance International Fest (San Martín Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, 2001)
“Fragata Heroína”, dancer

“Palermo Abierto”, City Council Art Program (Buenos Aires, 2000)
“Lá de las Mariposas”, dancer (solo)

“Boca Abierto”, City Council Art Program (Buenos Aires, 2000)
“Anillo de cenizas”, bailarina y actriz (unipersonal)

“Verano Buenos Aires” Parque Sarmiento (Buenos Aires, 2000)
“Fragata Heroína”, dancer

IMPA La Fábrica, Cultural City. Theatrical Installation “Todo lo que reluce es oro” (Buenos Aires, 2000)
“Hierofania”, dancer

Recoleta Cultural Center - Theater Program (Buenos Aires, 2000)
“Anillos de Cenizas”, dancer and actress

International Festival of Women for Arts “Magdalena 2ª Generación” (Mar del Plata, 2000)
“Anillos de cenizas”, dancer and actress

San Martín Theater (Buenos Aires, 2000)
“Jirafas en la India”, bailarina

Recoleta Cultural Center - Dance Program (Buenos Aires, 2000)
“Fragata Heroína”, bailarina

National Museum of Fine Arts (Buenos Aires, 1999)
“Giraffes in India”, dancer

“Festival Italo-Argentino” 2000-1999
“Anillo de cenizas”, dancer and actress

III National Meeting “Magdalena 2ª Generación” (1999)
“Anillo de cenizas”, actress (solo)

National Theater Meeting (Argentina,1999)
Contemporary performer in “Diablomundo”, actress

III Independent Theater National Meeting Humahuaca (Jujuy, 1998)
“Fragmentos de Edipo”, actress

II Independent Theater Meeting Cañuelas (Buenos Aires,1998)
“Fragmentos de Edipo”, actress

Film directed by Sergio Renán (Buenos Aires 1996; premiere 1997)
“El sueño de los héroes”, dancer